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Last Updated: 24 APR 22 @ 9:05 PM

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​​DAY 1 - Good Luck!


Test briefing will start around 06:00 AM.

Test to start around 06:30 AM.

Avery Water/Judges:

Jamie Moss and Skip Sparkman. Grand Committee: Derrick Watson, Waylon Frederick

Purina Land/Judges:

Kyle Kraus and Roger Gray.  Grand Committee: Rusty Noahr, Marjie Calhoun

Banded Water/Judges:

Michael Bullen and Brenda McLendon.  Grand Committee: Royce Meyenburg and Leroy Mason, Larry and Melissa Fyffe

Gunners Up/Judges:

Jason Luker and Tim Back.  Grand Committee: Ken Rinert, Bobbi Dane Mcgaughey, Jenny Richardson

Lucky Duck Premium Kennels Water/Judges:

Jack Gravely and Chad Williams. Grand Committee: Kim Olson, Richard Gravely, Jolynn Olson

Priefert Land/Judges:

Rocky Jones and Tommy Baldericci.  Grand Committee: Glen Scarborough, Johnny McNeely, Jim Thomas, Jamie Lanoue

RRT Launcher Water/Judges:

Russ Harris and Gary Whitlock.  Grand Committee:  Kevin Hannah, Kristin Sherman

Bradshaw DVM Land/Judges:

Kevin Broussard and Jessica Dowler.  Grand Committee: Rusty Wismer, Sean Houtiker, KT Reis

Oubre Water/Judges:

Todd Tharp and Tim Soucy.  Grand Committee: Mark Leahy, Pam Harper

Garmin Land/Judges:

Quint Broome and Dean Sytsma.  Grand Committee: Glenn Dye, Russell Dusett, Lori Greer


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